Barmah Brumbies - The Campaign To Keep Them Alive In Their Home

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The world is shocked and shattered by what is happening here in Australia with all the wild horses, aka the Brumbies.

The focus is on the Barmah Brumbies, they are currently enduring the fight for their lives, their right to stay alive and to continue living in the environment they have been in, for over 150 years. 

The Barmah Brumbies have felt the effects of man-made flooding, it's the kind of flooding which has pushed many of the herds into a small portion of the forest where food to forage on was already extremely limited, this push resulted in many of the horses experiencing long painful suffering of starvation. Horses do feel pain, even the emotional kind, they grieve just like any other being and they cry out for their young.

If you've never witnessed that kind of suffering, then this short video will show the depth of their feelings. WARNING, this video shows graphic content of a mare that is too weak to stand, too weak to fend for herself and can no longer care for her young, she was euthanised.

Many horses have been found dead, drowned and many more have had to be euthanised by Parks Victoria, which led to several foals being orphaned and without their mothers. Why did this happen?  It happened because this situation is the result of the irresponsible seasonal flooding and the mismanagement of the Barmah Forest.  

Throughout this Parks Victoria debacle, people from all over the world have chipped in, volunteered and donated hay to help feed the horses on private property. People have worked tirelessly during the long hot dry summer to get hay out to the horses, and today that task is still an ongoing one, it will still have to be done during the winter months ahead.

The generosity of the public proves that the people want the horses to remain safely in the Barmah National Park, they enjoy seeing wild horses in their natural environment doing what they normally do, hearing those hooves on the ground is a heartwarming experience. There have been generations of families that have visited and camped in the Barmah Forest, for many it has always been and still is a regular event.

Parks Victoria recently released a four-year draft plan that will see the wild horse population initially reduced.  This will be carried out by either shooting to kill and or trapping to enable rehoming. The long term goal is to completely and totally eradicate the entire population of wild horses from the Barmah National Park. 

The Barmah Brumby Preservation Group have been trying for years to work with Parks Victoria to manage the brumby numbers, yet Parks Victoria has never once consulted with the group, nor included them in the consulting process. The BBPG is a key stakeholder, Parks Victoria simply do not want to work with the local group despite the numerous invitations the group has provided.

On a positive note, the Barmah Brumbies are a sight that must be seen to truly be appreciated. Seeing wild horses delights you with feelings of awe, it literally bursts your heart wide open.

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Nature is a beautiful thing, it naturally co-exists without or with very little human intervention. These wild horses belong right where they are and where they have been for over 150 years. They are a part of our past, they are etched in our history, and it is the Barmah Forest that has within it, the secrets and the stories of years gone by. These stories can be felt, they can be heard, and they can be shared with future generations.

The wild horses are a tourist attraction, people throughout the world know of the Barmah Brumbies, they travel from all over the globe to be in their presence, to be able to capture that amazing photo, to be able to see their natural beauty, to see the herds and how they interact with each other, it truly is an unforgettable experience. How can we not save them? 

Parks Victoria wants them killed and gone forever. It saddens me to even think that these beautiful creatures will be gone if we don't take action now, there is no coming back from that once they are all dead. It will be a very upsetting, heart-breaking time that will never ever be forgotten if we, the people of the world do not stop this plan.

If you are reading this blog post I sincerely ask you to please help stop this action that Parks Victoria plans. There are a number of ways that you can do this, I have listed them below.

You can have your say on this situation by completing the Parks Victoria Barmah Action Strategic Action. Click here:

You can also help the Brumbies by signing the Change.Org online petition. You can find that on this link:

Here are some other strategies that you can undertake:

  • Twitter and Facebook saturation - share the posts 
  • Write to labour ministers like Jaclyn Symes via email:
  • Join the Barmah Brumby Preservation Group on Facebook -
  • Support the Barmah Brumbies Fund-
  • Share this blog 

Time is not on the Brumbies side, so please do what you can as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I truly hope that we can turn this situation around because there is a plan that the BBPG has that will safely and effectively manage the Brumbies in the Barmah National Park. 





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